Multiracial couples

Multiracial Love: Nineteen

We've been conditioned to believe  that marriage is a declining experience. That love fades with every passing year. That our wedding day will always surpass our anniversary. If you have married your best friend that is not the case. I married mine after only 4 months of dating. 

 You see real love sees the past as the bottom of the mountain. It sees time as history. It sees length as depth. Tonight I tell my guy that after 19 years our love isn't diminishing its deepening. Here’s to 19 years growing in love with you Heath. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


We dated for 4 months. At month five we were engaged and by month 9 our wedding was in full swing.  


 Celebrating another anniversary with this man will never get old or be taken for granted.


 Nineteen years loving each other well. Together we have built a home and a family. Te Amo!