As a speaker she takes life stories and makes them teachable moments.

Ligia’s personal story portrayed through her unique way of speaking creates a powerful moment for all audiences. As a speaker she takes life stories and makes them teachable moments. All sizes of audiences will find her full of life and hope within a dynamic event. 

She’s passionate about teaching from life lessons. A simple girl who speaks about hope in the midst of her own struggles. Ligia's greatest joy in speaking is bringing her faith to life so that it makes a difference in the everyday lives of others. She’s also very careful to weave stories and examples that everyone can identify with. 

Together you’ll laugh, learn, sigh with relief, and shed a tear or two. The only regret event attendees will have by the end of their time together is that they didn’t invite more of their friends.




“Colleagues are a wonderful thing - but mentors, that's where the real work gets done.” - Junto Diaz. As the daughter of immigrants, like Junto, I have found great strength through my mentors. They have taught me how much influence matters. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping create a multicultural society in which my child, and all children, can feel that they matter and can influence the world.


Passionate about sharing her written work since she was young, Ligia takes challenging moments of her life to inspire others. Her writing is funny, hopeful, and heartwarming. If you ever felt marginalized, ignored, or underestimated and want a positive, hopeful outlook then this site is a must read.   



Ligia was recently featured on the Multiracial Family Man Podcast. Listen as she talks to Alex about her Multiracial experience, her views on race and adoption, and how Multiracial experience differs from North to South. You can find the podcast by clicking here or on any of the links below:

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In the Spring of 2017, Ligia co-led a webinar for the National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) regarding her work with the Child Wellbeing Program and the impact the Success Coach Service has had in the region she serves.
Listen to it here.