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What if your greatest loss led you love?

Professional Counselor and Director of Adoptions
Ligia Cushman unveils her heart amid shattering circumstances and shows readers how to live securely when life doesn't turn out as they expected.

Some moments may simply catch us off-guard, and yet others shatter us completely. For Ligia, the latter was the night she miscarried her first child.

Ligia Cushman understands loss deeply. But she's also discovered that our losses can be exactly what our souls need to radically encounter God and feel heard. In Heard: How Loss Led Us to Love, Ligia invites us into her own journey of loss, with grit, gut-honest vulnerability, and authenticity. Her recollection will help us to:

* Understand that nothing is more important than figuring out how to navigate the unexpected.

* Embrace the idea that God can exceed your expectations through your own loss.

* Discover the secret of loving an adopted child and their birth family.

* Experience the impact a multiracial family can have in your community and how to embrace it.

Heard is the deeply personal reckoning of a woman who lost it all and how God challenged her expectations. Her story inspires us to navigate our unexpected losses with hope and grace. Get your copy today!